We help children in getting elementary education who needs it..

Aids Awareness

We help and support in various causes, aids awareness is one of the major.

Human Trafficking

We fight against human trafficking, and various in human activities...

Child Treatment

We make sincere steps for child care and treatments, for various cases.

About Us

The Trust combines a global perspective with local insight. As such, there are experienced volunteers on the ground that substantiates each of the appeals that arise and are available to provide on-going support and guidance. Wherever possible, the Trustees and volunteers endeavor to work closely with other charities, so as to leverage the full benefit of the collective goodwill of donors and local expertise. We have found that joining hands with other organizations, in terms of resources and insights, often results in achievements beyond the scope of any one charitable institution.

The application of our philosophy of attending to any person in need has lead to a strategy of project diversification. Hence the range of activities is relatively broad. Whilst the scope is extensive, the guiding principle of project selection is based on the objective of enabling target communities to develop self-sufficiency. From a metaphoric perspective borrowing an ancient maxim, the Trust does not seek to simply distribute `fish', but rather endeavors to provide `fishing rods' and the knowledge to utilize them effectively. This approach has generated growth and momentum for the Trust. The following pages of the website detail the appeals we have received, and the projects supported. As you can see the need is colossal, but together we can effect change and make a lasting difference. Thank you for supporting us, without which our work would not be possible.

"Bharat Gram Jankalyan Trust (REG 68)", which is a Public Charitable Trust, registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. Its major objective is to provide aid to the non-affording patients, who are in dire need of life saving treatment. The trust is committed to support this humane and noble activity to best of its resources. At present, the donations are coming from Individual donors, investors and also satisfied according patients at "Bharat Gram Jankalyan Trust REG 68)", as their gesture for the cause.

In a developing country like India where the government is unable to fulfill its commitments towards the general public; it becomes the job of other sections of the society to pursue the same.

Thus, we from Bharat Gram Jankalyan Trust have taken the initiative to serve the rural population of Eastern Gujarat and provide them basic health facilities, such that life becomes much easier for them. We invite you to assist us financially and otherwise, in order to bring up the poor and the under privileged who die due to lack of basic facilities.

You would be more than satisfied to join hands in this humanitarian cause. We are determined to eliminate dreaded diseases like AIDS, hepatitis, cataract, renal failure etc. We hope for an overwhelming response from you.

Invitation to NGOs and Social Organizations :

Bharat Gram Jankalyan Trust is committed to make a difference in the lives of poor people, by providing them medical assistance. With our endeavor to achieve the same, we invite NGOs and other social organizations to make their fruitful contributions. We also appreciate financial aid and voluntary services offered by social workers.

Their valuable support and assistance will go a long way in enlightening the spirits of the poor and act as a motivational source for them. You are required to initiate the health revolution, which will be whole- heartedly carried forward by us. Our ultimate objective is to build a healthier, stronger rural India, which has been overlooked for so many decades.

Social Individuals :

No work is complete unless there is a touch of Human element in it. We from Bharat Gram Jankalyan Trust, have an objective to provide charitable medical services to the needy villagers all over India.

We require the human & financial support from you, which will take our movement to the masses. You will be act as a supplement to our health revolution and would be the real medium which will impart the actual assistance. You could also send in financial aid if you wish to be concerned with the whole cause. Your hard work and dedication for this humanitarian cause will make a difference in the lives of thousands of individuals.

We expect an over whelming response from you and hope that you can further invite other social workers, dedicated and caring individuals towards the betterment of the poor in India.

International/ Domestic Govt. Agencies :

Bharat Gram Jankalyan Trust is committed to make a difference in the lives of poor people, by providing them the medical assistance. With our endeavor to achieve the same, we invite all agencies whether internationally based or from the domestic government, to come forward and give an impetus to this health revolution.

Any assistance whether financial or otherwise is whole- heartedly welcome. We plan to provide a well equipped, well functioning Heart Hospital at Rajkot, where one can do their heart surgery, Angiography, Angioplasty and valvular surgeries at reasonable rate. Yes, very poor patient must get free treatment of all this cause.

Your help will certainly help us to attain our objective and with your assistance and expert advice, we are sure to reach our goals.